Forward to Integrated Thinking by Andrew Lee

    Hello List Members, This is probably a bold statement to make... Neo-Tech Publishing Company does not hold any definitive cure for mysticism. Every publication they release is a major advancement toward the final evolution of what is to be the actual definitive cure. Right now, the cure exists only in theory and knowledge... locked within the minds of all the active workers at NTP. They know, in knowledge and in theory, how to cure mysticism. What they haven't yet produced, however, is the actualized cure in publication form -- a publication that can cure at least 90% of all who read it. Such a success rate has never yet been actualized. Until that success rate occurs, NTP will continue driving forward toward that definitive cure. Consider this: Say, for example, there is a life-threatening disease called disease X. Disease X manifests itself as a horribly painful black spot on a person's arm. A company sets out to cure this disease. First, the company makes incremental advancements toward the cure in the form of several different products. Each product, when tested against the market, has a certain success rate -- that is, one particular product might have a 68% success rate, meaning that 68% of all patients who try it get fully cured. One day, this company will finalize a definitive cure for disease X with an overwhelming 99%+ success rate. At that point, one can declare that product a definitive cure for disease X. This is a process by which nearly all major diseases get cured. A modern-day process occurring right now is that of cancer and AIDS. Today, some of NTP's readers are already cured of mysticism. They are the lucky few. But one day, that final definitive cure may actually come to pass. If that happens, it will spread across the world and shake the very foundations of this anticivilization. Great men have taken powerful stabs at the beast of mysticism. Dr. Wallace, Mark Hamilton, Eric Savage, Tracey Alexander, Yasuhiko Kimura... they have all developed their own separate publications. Each thought their product was the final blow. They were wrong. The beast kept coming. Here today, I myself would like to deal my own blow... thinking how perhaps it might be the final blow. Of course, who am I kidding... but it's worth a shot.

Andrew Lee

Integrated Thinking